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Symbols in Online Slots

The game of slots consists of a number of reels, with a number of rows on each reel. For example, if the game has five reels with three rows on each (the most common combination), the board consists of 15 squares. Each square is filled with a symbol as you play, and it is these symbols that can give you wins if they land in the right places. Often three symbols in a row are required on one of the game’s pay-lines.

A round consists of you casino betting money and thus spinning the wheels. Other words for rounds are rounds and spins. The outcome of each round is completely turn based and nothing you as a player can influence. Different slot games have different RTP (Return To Player, or refund), more about this further down on this page.

A little simplified, you can say that there are four different kinds of symbols in slots online . Low value symbols, high value symbols, wilds and scatters.

Symbols with low value are usually represented by letters and numbers.

High value symbols tend to look a bit more fun, such as dragons, lions, sevens or a little bit of anything.

Wilds can count like any other symbol. This means that if you spin two sevens and a joker on a pay-line, the joker will count as a seven. Sometimes wilds can also be the most valuable symbols, so if you win with just three wilds, the payout is usually quite high.

Scatters are a form of special symbol that is usually found in most slots games. Three of them tend to activate the bonus round, but one or two of them tend to be useless and just take up space.

There are of course more symbols than these, but listing every single one here would be both pointless and extremely time-consuming! However, you can keep in mind that both wilds and scatters can have varying functions in some games. What we have listed above is the most common.

How do I win?

We covered the pay-lines earlier. A slot game can have anything from one pay-line up to several hundred thousand pieces! If you have no idea what a pay-line is, it can be difficult to understand, so we provide an example below.

In our example, we have a slot game consisting of five reels with three rows on each reel. This game has only a single pay-line that runs horizontally across the board, through all reels on row two. For example, if you then spin three sevens on reels one, two and three, on the second row of each reel, you have won. However, if the sevens appear on reels one, two and four, you win nothing. Nor if they land on the first three reels, but on different rows.


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