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The Holidays are just around the corner so it is a very good time to suggest some spectacular ideas on what to give to a person that plays poker. Let us start by picking on bookshelves. There are a lot, as in tons, of poker books that are out there as there are poker hands and like a poker player’s down cards that are in different types and classes. A poker book that has the combination of usefulness and intrigue is Read’Em and Reap which is available at and costs around.

Although the book is publicized as the “Phil Hellmuth Presents” offering, the real star is Joe Navarro, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who takes his FBI training in reading psychological behavior and applies it to playing poker. It is impossible to measure how useful it is to heed Navarro’s advice to an average poker player out there but the one fact that the book encourages poker players to make their decision based on the opponent in front of them as well as the cards in their hand is a benefit in itself.

If the recipient likes to hold poker parties in the recreational room, you can lighten their burden by buying them the online Poker Tournament Manager which costs around per regular edition and per deluxe edition. This is a computer program that keeps track of the time and blind levels on the game and calculates the winnings and even arranges the seating position for your single or multiple-player table game.

Those people that are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, can get a personalized card protector. A card protector is used by the player who places it atop his poker cards when he is playing a hand. The winner of the World Series of the main poker event, Greg “Fossilman” Raymer used small fossils as his card protector, which is the very origin of his name.

You can get personalized card protectors and many gambling specialty shops. Some even offer a transfer of digital photos into something special to bring the gambler in your life some good luck in their next tournament. Gamblers open a wide variety of gift ideas. This holiday season you can make the gambler in your life have a very merry Christmas with a specialized gambling-related gift. Your poker player will love you for it!


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