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Different Types of Slots Games

Above we have told you about slot games with wheels, but there are slot machines that look completely different too, but are still slot machines! In a game like gonzo’s quest, for example, blocks fall from the sky, much like in a puzzle game. Here, too, one could in and of itself divide the entire playing field into wheels and rows, even if no wheels are visible.

In slots games like gonzo’s quest, it is quite common for winning symbols to disappear to make room for more. This means in practice that you can win several times in a row without having to bet extra money.

Another type of slots game is cluster. Here, the symbols also usually fall from above, but instead of pay-lines, you win when several of the same symbol land next to each other. The exact number of symbols needed to form a cluster varies from game to game.

Video slots and classic slots

if you have looked at any casino, you may have seen the term video slots. Video slots is a rather fuzzy collective name and basically refers to slots games that are more advanced than those in the category of classic online slots. This is characterized by advanced graphics, bonus rounds where the screen (and the game board) can change completely, and more. But what we just wrote is not necessarily found in all video slots. The term is diffuse.

Classic slots online refers to games that try to replicate old mechanical slot machines that had three reels, three rows and often only one, two or three pay-lines. There are rarely bonuses here, the graphics and often there isn’t even background music. If you like retro and want to relive old memories of playing slots on the classic slot machines are for you!

It is not only the number of winning lines that varies between different slots games. It is also the case that two different games can have the same number of pay-lines, but the positions and patterns of the lines differ. It must be stated in the game’s information how many winning lines a slot game has, as well as what these lines look like. Depending on the game you are playing, you can access this information in different ways. Often it is a button on the board marked, but it can therefore vary.


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