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One of the most popular functions in casino games is what we call the doubling function or gamble function. But how do you actually find casino games with this feature when there are 1000s of slots to choose from? We go through how doubling in slots games works and list the most popular slots games where we can double or even triple our winnings. This is how the dubbing function works, it is from the game video poker that most of us recognize the doubling function from the very beginning.

In online video poker games , several different ways to double your winnings are offered. This is how it might look, This is how doubling works in other slots games, it is not only in the game video poker that we can double our winnings. Nowadays, online casinos offer quite a few slots games with exactly the same function. How does it work to double your winnings in these slots games then? In short, in exactly the same way. When you win on a slots game with the gamble function, you will be able to choose to collect the winnings or to gamble with it.

Click gamble or double to enter the double mode. In the doubling mode, you will mostly be asked if you want to double, triple or quadruple your winnings. Cancel the duplication If you regret it, you can always click cash out before choosing a suit or card symbol. You will then be sent out of the old mode and keep the profit that you won from the beginning. Slots game with doubling function.

Which casino slots games offer the doubling feature?

There are many more slots with a doubling function at online casinos and at several it is very easy to find all these gems. At video slots , for example, in the menu, we can choose to show games with the bet your winnings function, which is another expression for games with a doubling function.


In short, there is not a single game developer that offers games with the dubbing function. In other words, this means that if the casino itself does not help us find games with doubling, we have to look up what these are ourselves. Fortunately, there are several online casinos such as video slots that help us sort the games so that we can see all slots with doubling quickly and easily. The game that always has a doubling function and that is available at all online casinos is video poker.


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