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Craps is also available at the online casinos, and for those of you who want to play craps online, there are many options.

Best craps is a popular casino game that is naturally also available at most online casinos.

Although you can play craps in many places online, it is important that you choose a solid casino that has all licenses in order and that takes good care of its players.

We recommend our readers to focus on the seriously casinos when looking for the best craps casinos. At these casinos you get craps games that focus on both pc and mobile, and as a new player you can look forward to bonus money that you can use to test out craps completely free of charge.

The first time you play craps online, you may think that this is a complicated game with many rules. This is also true at times. There are a number of rules you have to familiarize yourself with, and therefore you also have a big advantage by playing craps online rather than a real land-based casino.

Playing craps online you can’t go wrong. If you try to do something that is not allowed, the game will report automatically. In addition, you can test out the game either with play money or bonus money at the start so that it doesn’t cost you anything to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Craps consists of two dice that one of the players throws. The aim of the game is to bet on what the dice will land on.

For those of you who are playing craps for the first time, there are two basic terms in particular that you must familiarize yourself with.

Passport line the first term in craps that you should know is pass line. A pass line bet is the most common bet in craps. The bet is placed before the dice are thrown for the first time in a round. To make the bet, you place the chips on the craps table in the fields where it says pass.

When all players have placed their bets, the dice are rolled over the craps table. The name of the first roll of the dice in a round is called come out.

Placing an odds bet means that you make an extra bet where you bet that the point sum will appear before the sum of 7. In many ways, you simply increase your pass line bet. The important difference, however, is that if the point total appears before 7, you only win 1:1 on your pass line bet. On the money you placed an odds bet with, a significantly larger win is paid out according to the real odds.


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