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Different betting sites value matches differently and the betting companies are also different good at the sports that are available to bet on.

If you compare the casino bonus game sites before you bet, you have the opportunity to always find the best odds. You can also use a comparison site, such as casino, which does that work for you. If you are a member of several betting sites, you can also use the bonus bagging technique, also known as bonus trading. Bonus bagging, matched betting or bonus trading – dear child has many names. It’s all about a technique where you use the online betting bonuses to get as much as possible out of the bonuses in pure money.

The technique is completely legal and nothing you as a player are doing wrong if you practice on established betting sites. The return is around 70 – 85% of the bonus and is generally considered risk-free as it is based on mathematics instead of chance. To be able to run with matched betting, you need at least two betting accounts on two separate odds pages. You then choose to place a bet with bonus money on one site and counter-bet on the other. This way you win regardless of the starting position. There are significantly more advanced approaches to bonus bagging, where you can learn to avoid fees and earn more money.

However, the point is always the same, to casino bet on all possible outcomes to guarantee a profit. If you are a relatively new player, you can earn quite a lot of money with this technique. You also earn money as an established player, although the return is somewhat lower. If you want to use this technique, it is very important to read up thoroughly beforehand, so that you do not fall into pitfalls and lose your money.

The number of free spins varies greatly. Some online casinos offer as few as ten while others offer as many as several hundred. Free spins can be obtained both without registration, with registration, upon deposit and previously as a loyalty bonus. They can come both with and without wagering requirements. Usually free spins come bundled with a welcome bonus where you get a deposit bonus and free spins with no wagering requirements. Free spins bonuses without free spins. Some players no longer want free spins and do not feel that it adds value to playing.


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