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Slots with Free Spins Mode

Slots with free spins are slot machines that offer a so-called free spins mode where the chance of winning and the winnings are greater than in the main game. Here we go through how slots with free spins mode work, which games offer a free spins mode and how you can easily find these games on your own.

What are slots with free spins mode?

This is a mode in a slots game that can appear in many different forms. In the vast majority of games with a free spins mode, you need to collect 3 so-called scatter symbols in the main game to activate the free spins mode. Depending on how many scatters we have in the main game, we also get a number of free spins in the free spins mode.

Here is an example:

It can also be different types of free spins. For example, 4 scatters could activate 15 mega spins which are worth more. How the free spins mode looks in different games varies just like the other functions in the game, but the free spins mode itself is always the same. It’s a mode that some games offer as a bonus feature.

How do i find slots with free spins?

At the vast majority of online casinos , you can sort the games and then also choose to only see games with free spins.

However, not with everyone, but we can use a online casino to find out all games with free spin mode. This casino is video slots. Here we find a game filter where we can sort over 3500 slots games and the option to choose games with free spins. If you are already playing at another casino that does not have this, you can use video slots to find new games with free spins that are also available at the casino you are playing at. Who does casino pro recommend? Above in this article, we have selected our personal slots favorites with free spins mode.

Casinos with slots free spins

Both are valid in selected slot machines at the casino, but free spins have a turnover requirement that must be met before winnings can be paid out, while cash spins have no requirements at all. It is good to know this because then you can choose a casino that gives you some extra free spins and thus more chances to activate a free spins mode in a slots game.


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