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Win real money with free spins

Free spins are an offer that many online casinos have to attract players. This is in addition to the traditional casino bonus you get on your first deposit and which is usually 100-200%. Yes, you can win real money on free spins. The only thing you have to do is meet the turnover requirements if there is a turnover requirement. Many online casinos usually offer free spins offer as part of a welcome offer. Nowadays, it has also become common for casinos to have real free spins with no wagering requirements.

Once you have reached the wagering requirement, your winnings will be converted to cash in your gaming account. The wagering requirements are usually reasonable and possible to achieve at the large and well-known casinos.

When do you get free spins?

It is not only when you become a new player at an online casino that you get free spins. It happens very often that an online casino gives away spins to its players for free at Sometimes you are offered free spins when you make a deposit. There are many variations on how online casinos distribute their free spins. Sometimes you may not get your free spins until a few days later, so do not forget them. Most online casinos do not remind you of these.

How do free spins work?

Let’s say you get 10 free spins and then you have 10 free spins / free spins on a special slot or slot machine. The value of free spins is usually, but not always, the lowest bet level. So it means that the profit can not be that high even if you win a high profit. There is also something called super spins, mega spins and the like, then each spin is worth much more. However, it is worth pointing out that your bet is zero so everything you win on free spins is a win.

The amount you win on free spins usually, but not always, has a wagering requirement so we advise you to read the terms so you know what applies. In our opinion, a reasonable turnover requirement is 20-50x. Now you’re probably wondering, can I really win on free spins? Yes, you can do that, we have actually been lucky enough to be able to pick out winnings from free spins a few times. The highest amount we won is $4,000. Now we had a bit of incredible luck that time, but sometimes you are lucky, that is the excitement and charm of playing casinos online.


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