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When you get to the gaming tables of the online realm, the deí‚ Online Blackjack í‚ are the ones with the most followers. This game has been immortalized in books and movies and it’s up to luck and strategy every time you decide whether to stand, double your bet or split your cards. If you play according to the basic strategy of Blackjack, you will be able to reduce the advantage of the house in your favor. Your only objective is to get as close as possible to the number 21, but be careful, don’t even think about going over!

Online Baccarat of the World

Baccarat has always been a game for high stakes and high rollers. What’s more, in many casinos it is still somewhat of an elitist game. However, in the online world, Baccarat has been adapted for all pockets. The objective of the game is simple, add “Š“9”. Here the cards are not assigned to you, but to the bank and to a fictitious player who is in charge of making the bets. If you want to know more about this game and about the best online casinos to bet on, don’t miss the opportunity to read our online Baccarat guide.

Online Craps

Due to its simplicity, craps has become one of the most popular online games of chance in the world. It consists of betting intelligently at the table and rolling the dice. An exciting game in which, in addition, the low house edge makes it very attractive.

Although in craps your victory depends on chance, you can learn about the rules and some of the strategies of this game in our guide to playing craps online in the world.

Online Roulette

The hypnotic roulette wheel itself symbolizes each and everything that is a casino. In fact, a casino without roulette would be half a casino. The first thing to know is that there are two variants of this classic game, Roulette. The second, as a consequence of its double zero, has a greater advantage for the bank.

This particular casino game is very popular around the world with both novice and expert players alike. You can get more information on how to play in our online roulette guide.

Casino Games – Pai Gow Online

Pai Gow Poker is also a casino game in which poker joins Chinese dominoes, the latter game being the true origin of Pai Gow. At present, it has a special presence and fame in the world.

Here to play you need a deck of 52 cards with a joker. If you want to know the rules and strategies of this new game, we encourage you to delve into it in our guide to playing Pai Gow online.


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