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How to Start a Game of Video Poker?

Need a video poker tutorial? Here, we explain everything about its handling. Nothing is easier than playing online video poker. Both stealthy and thrilling, the rounds are immersive and simple to grasp.

To do this, launch your favorite opus among those offered at your online casino. Then, bet and click on the deal button to benefit from 5 cards. Check your hand carefully and don’t hesitate to press deal to change elements one last time. This step is crucial in the game, make sure you have the best possible assets.

After that, wait for the final draw and compare your results with the pay table. Raise the double or quits option if you are too lazy to take up the challenge. In addition, you can also participate in the jackpot game and try to pocket the big prize.

Video poker is the perfect combination of a traditional table game and a virtual slot machine It works with high-performance random algorithms, but requires a seasoned eye and expert reflexes. So do not hesitate to try several tests with the free video poker games. Make the most of these simulations to fully master the game and fine-tune your strategy on a case-by-case basis.

You are the only decision maker and master of your choices. As soon as you feel ready for the paid mode, unleash your passion and get started. Our advice put the odds on your side before opting for real money video poker games. Here are the essentials to know function of the buttons, course of the games, the various options and the winning hands. When you have mastered these basics, bet and taste the stimuli of real money video poker.

Video poker takes place in front of a screen that looks like a slot machine. The player does not face a person. The goal is to get the highest combination of cards possible. This entertainment first enjoyed popularity in land-based gambling establishments. Then he integrated the internet with great success. Online video poker is now one of the most popular products of virtual casinos.


The ultimate goal of the game is to land on the combination of cards that brings money. However, advances in technology have made it possible to diversify the presentation of online video poker. Thus, the bettor must determine with precision the variant on which he plays to discover the winning combinations. However, some classics such as the pair or the full remain available on the majority of opuses.

Different Variations of Online Video Poker

Two types of online video poker are the most popular casino with players Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. The 1st is perfect for beginners. The latter must strive to obtain at least a pair of jacks. On the Deuces Wild, the 2’s become jokers. The variant called Poker Bonus more widely rewards squares. The Joker Wild is also a great success among online video poker enthusiasts.


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