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Tips for Playing Video Poker Like a Pro

Poker is not just a matter of luck. The player must also use his intelligence to hope to win the game. Habit also leads to victory. Therefore, it is important to get your hands dirty. Moreover, being successful in video poker is another pair of sleeves. To succeed, the player must master online gambling, in addition to the rules of traditional poker. To take your first steps or improve your game, our tips will surely help you. Here are some tips to have more fun at video poker, but also to boost your chances.

The choice of video poker an eminently important step

To begin, the player must determine the opus that makes him most comfortable. The differences are mainly in the bonuses and the ways of winning. The choice may seem simple. However, a hundred video poker abound on french online casinos. Take the time you need to discover each variant. To do this, run the demos at reliable online casinos and play video poker for free at

The majority of beginners start with jacks or better type video poker. A pair of jacks is therefore necessary to win. On the tens or better, you need a pair of 10’s. You must understand the rules of the game. Also, do not forget to focus on the payment table. This section of the game gives complete information on winning hands. The player will be able to discover the basic payments and the various ways of winning money.

Become familiar with the hands

A winning combination means a win in a video poker game. So, to have the best chance of receiving a payment, you have to know the different hands at your fingertips.

Pair requires the appearance of 2 identical cards while double pair means 2 different pairs of cards.

Br-elan displays 3 identical cards and a quad when it comes to 4 cards.
For 5 consecutive and non-identical cards, a straight is evoked.
A three of a kind combined with a pair results in a full house.

A combination of 5 suits of cards is called a flush. Therefore, a straight flush refers to 5 consecutive cards of the same suit.

The royal flush designates the most profitable combination of cards. The player must therefore have 5 royal cards (ace, king, queen, jack and 10) of the same suit. All of these names will become familiar after a few warm-ups on free video poker.

Take advantage of the free mode to practice

playing video poker online is often less complicated than in land-based casinos. The player has the opportunity to train on video poker games. The demo version allows you to discover all the facets of video poker, without paying a penny. Moreover, free online casino games offer more privacy. You enjoy greater ease of concentration, a crucial condition for winning a round.

Adopt a strategy adapted to the type of game

At the start of a video poker session, 5 cards are dealt. You can get an interesting map. But sometimes none are worth keeping. Being a strategist means knowing how to keep the value cards, even if there is only one. Little trick any br-elan, pair or double pair deserves its place in your hand, even virtual. However, it is useless to cling to 5 cards that have no consistency between them.

However, this basic method does not necessarily adapt to all variants of video poker. On the deuces wild, the 2 becomes a joker and therefore has a vital importance. Royal cards are no longer attractive prey. Indeed, 2 cards of value 2 are enough to optimize the formation of winning combinations. On the other hand, it is quite the opposite to jacks or better. On this opus, the low value cards simply waste your time. That’s why it’s better to practice at an online casino before playing video poker with real money.


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