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Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Luck is a wheel of prizes with different amounts, where your bet depends solely on your preferences. Just by pressing a button you can spin the wheel and start the game on your mobile device. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to play for free from any type of mobile device or tablet. Yes yes, just as you hear it, we put your fun at the click of a button. 

Roulette has already reached the screens of our devices, thus allowing you to enjoy all the attributes of this traditional casino game, but from wherever and whenever you want. This game mode has numerous advantages, among which we include the possibility of playing for free.

Basic Information About the Free Online Lucky Roulette Game

  • It is one of the most popular online games in the world
  • More and more casinos offer this type of game
  • Its rules are easy to learn
  • There are several different versions.
  • The house edge varies from 2.70% to 5%.
  • It is compatible with all devices
  • Loading time is minimal.

How to play the Wheel of Luck for free online?

From we offer you the possibility of playing lucky roulette from your mobile or any other device, completely free and whose operation we will discuss below. This will vary depending on the casino you select, but will generally follow the same principles.

The first thing we must do is choose the amount of our bet. Here we can bet 100 as a minimum and 1,000 as a maximum. As we click on the ”â” or ”-” buttons, the amount of the prizes of the roulette in question will vary.

So that you can get an idea, the lowest price (always without counting the 0) in the case of betting 100 is 40. The highest, that is, the one that corresponds to the bet of 1,000 is 4,000. As far as the maximum is concerned, the prize option ranges between 10,000 and 100,000, depending, once again, on the amount chosen to bet.

The screen is extremely simple. At the bottom, left are the “â” and “-” buttons and the amount of the bet. Just below these is the “Spin” button, that is, the one that will spin the roulette. Above, two small screens, in the lower one they will indicate the winnings in each of the spins, in the upper one the total, that is, your winnings.

And this game does not have much more, a curious thing, and the worst that can happen to you, is that the free online prize roulette stops at zero. If so, you just have to roll again and hope that bad luck doesn’t come to visit you twice in a row.

Start the game with 1,500 and the objective, no more and no less, is to raise that square. There are no more, no tactics, no strategies, no nothing. Choose a bet, click on “Spin” and wait for Goddess Fortune to accompany you. And if that’s not the case, then nothing happens either, spin again, we play with fictitious money.

As we have mentioned before, this is just one of the many modalities that allow you to play Online Roulette over the Internet. Here are some of the best casinos on the current online scene.


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