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There are also a couple of other options you have on your first two cards. You could “split” a pair, which means if you are dealt two of the same card, such as a pair of eights, you could split those eights. In order to split, you would post a second wager, equal to the amount of your original bet, no less and no more than the original bet, and request that the dealer “split” your hand. Splitting your hand turns one hand into two hands. The dealer will then separate the eights and place a new second card onto the first eight, you then play that as a separate, individual hand, once you break or stand, the dealer will then add a second card to the other eight, and you will then play that as a separate, individual hand and it is possible that one would lose and the other could win, or both could lose, or both could win.

Another option you would have on your initial two cards is to “double down” which is to place a second wager, equal to, or up to the amount of your original wager, but no more than your original bet and the dealer will give you only one additional card, good or bad, it is the only card you will get to be added to your hand. A good example of doubling down is on a card total of an eleven, you could double down on it and your hope is to receive a ten-valued card, to total twenty-one.

The obvious advantage of playing live dealer Blackjack instead of at the standard online casino or Blackjack at home is of course the fact that you know that all the odds of the game are correct and there can be no cheating, as you actually can see all shuffles in real-time.

The game, as you can see, is rather simple and basic. It moves rather quickly, is easy to learn the basics, takes very little skill, and is known to be a luck-based game by most players, but of course, there are always those that can make the game more complex and difficult, on their way of play. The game can be played with one deck, two, four, six, and even eight decks at some blackjack tables at some casinos. The cards can be shuffled by the dealer after each “shoe” or can be shuffled by a machine, depending on the table and the casino procedures. Each casino has its own policies, procedures, and house rules for its blackjack tables, it is always best to make sure you are aware of the rules of the game before playing and not take for granted what may be the way of one casino, may not be the way of another casino, rules can also vary by the table as well.

You should also be aware, that a lot of times while playing blackjack, though it is a game between you, the player, and the house, the dealer, you could also run into some fellow blackjack players that will give you some heat about how to play. You usually won’t hear anything about your strategy of play, until someone feels you have done something wrong. A lot of blackjack players will accuse you of taking the dealer’s break card or not taking your hits when you should. It is best to remember that you will not always please everyone, there can always be someone there to blame you for their losing hand, but that does not mean you are at fault, or that you should worry about what other players say.


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