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When you hear the word bingo game, your thoughts may wander in the direction of sunken bingo halls, the perhaps not too fun bingo hour during the “fun hour” at school or the obligatory element of the retirement home. In other words, it may not have the coolest reputation around. But something has happened in recent years. It’s just to realize – playing bingo, not least on the Internet, is hot and cold. The average age has dropped drastically and international figures show that about a quarter of online bingo players is now under 35 years old. Who would have guessed that development when one realized with a sigh that the miss was about to pick up the bingo cards again? So what is it then that draws?

Yes, in addition to the perhaps obvious – that there is a lot of money in the pot to collect, there are also other reasons. First – bingo is easy. It is not an advanced game that requires any major thought (after all, it is chance that determines the outcome) at the same time as it is unpredictable enough to keep the interest. Bingo is fun. Funny in the sense that it is a highly social game where people chat over a cup of coffee between the bingo calls. Bingo games are also exciting. The excitement is of course in the expectation, and not knowing if you are next in line to shout “Bingo!”.

But even though “Bingolotto” contributed to the popularity of bingo in a sense, it is also ironically considered to have contributed to the decline of physical bingo halls. The smoking ban introduced in 2005 is also behind reductions in bingo halls. People simply moved the game home to the TV couches, but it is not uncommon to spend time with others. Maybe the step from the TV couch to the computer was not so far once the game had moved into the home.

How Bingo Games Work Online – a Guide

Bingo you are used to playing bingo in the bingo hall, it may feel like bingo online at would be too big a change for you, but it actually is not. Instead, online bingo games have great similarities with regular bingo games in a bingo hall, so if you are used to playing these, it is usually not a problem at all to switch to online games instead.

Many online bingo games look exactly like the regular bingo halls, but if you want to try something a little different, there are also good opportunities for it, because online bingo sites often have lots of different bingo variations to choose from. Many people who are new to bingo games online, therefore, start by playing the usual, more traditional bingo games, to later switch to the slightly more unusual variants when they feel that they have gotten a little more “warm in their clothes”.


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