Playing slots

I woke this morning with that feeling of impending doom and stuffiness that signals a cold.  Now colds are one of nature’s most annoying illnesses because I’m not really sick enough to justify spending an entire work day in bed, but I’m not going to be well enough to enjoy the weekend.  So I took some cold medicine and drank enough coffee to get myself moving in the morning and then sat down to write. And realized I just don’t really feel up to stringing long sentences together into coherent thoughts.

So, I decided to go play slots.  Now, there are few gambling games I’d really recommend playing when you don’t feel well.  I’ve tried video poker in this state and it never turns out well. I’ll miss see a pair that I should hold or just not notice that was an Ace and not a 4 in the fourth spot. If I have to take a break to sneeze or blow my nose, I’ll even lose track of whether I’m mid-way through a hand and supposed to be choosing cards to hold or at the point where I need to deal a new hand.

But slot games are just the thing for a cold. I’m playing a free roll tournament, and I’m up about $100 from the starting stake. And it doesn’t matter whether I really pay any attention to what I’m doing or not.  Of course, this was part of the original allure of slot games in the casinos. They could be played by the wives of high rollers without the women having to worry about the rules of the game.  They were designed to be a game to be played by the casual gambler.

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