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Jackpots are one of the most exciting elements of the online casino world and hitting a huge pool is a dream of many players. Nowadays jackpots can be found in almost every single game, and blackjack is no exception. The general idea behind the jackpot is similar, regardless if you play video poker or blackjack. Apart from the regular prize pool, the casino offers a special pool linked to one or more games. Each player can have a chance to win the pool by making a maximal bet or placing a special side bet. The jackpot is hit when a player gets a chosen and rare combination, such as three jackpot symbols on a slot machine.

When playing blackjack you can try your luck and aim for the jackpot by placing a side bet apart from the regular one. After that, the game continues as usual and you still focus to beat the dealer, but you should pay even more attention to your blackjack hand.

Blackjack jackpot rules vary a little depending on the casino games, so it is a good idea to check them before you start playing. The blackjack jackpot is usually triggered once a blackjack player receives a defined winning combination, most often four aces, preferably of the same suit. Of course, one of the stipulations is that you need to bet a $1 progressive bet on the winning hand. If you don’t bet the progressive bet, you will not be eligible to win the blackjack jackpot.

Where can I play Progressive Blackjack?

Currently, only two software providers have a progressive blackjack game available to players; neither of which accepts players.
Unlike in other games, in blackjack, you can count on a share of the jackpot pool even if you do not produce all four jackpot cards. You can also get a smaller jackpot payout if your blackjack hand includes only two or three of the required cards. Of course, such a payout will be much lower than the full blackjack jackpot, but it will surely add even more thrill to the game.

Playing blackjack in an online casino you will most often have a choice between games with regular and progressive jackpots. While the regular blackjack jackpot prize pool size is fixed, in progressive blackjack the pool grows each time a player makes a side jackpot bet. This way the more players try for the prize, the higher it gets, which in turn attracts even more players. Progressive blackjack is clearly a more exciting choice, but more players also mean more competition for the jackpot pool. Regular blackjack jackpots, while smaller, are also supposed to be easier to hit. And they can still improve your budget.


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