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Here we list bonus codes for casinos on an ongoing basis. Online casinos occasionally run different campaigns where you as a player get a casino bonus if you enter a bonus code on your next deposit. The code is unique for each promotion and occasion and is valid only once. It could be that you get extra free spins on your gaming account. Or that you get a real-load bonus in pure money based on a certain percentage or sum of money. Bonus codes are something that online casinos use to make sure that the bonus is only used once. In this way, you cannot register multiple accounts and take part in the same casino bonus from different users.

Get your casino bonus code

Online casino bonus codes are usually sent out from online casinos via sms or email. When you register with an online casino, you get the opportunity to enter your email and mobile number. This then becomes a way for the casino to communicate with you. You will then receive the information about bonus codes via your entered data which is linked to your game account. You then use your code when you are logged into your account. You can also get a bonus code if you contact customer service and the chat at your casino. Then they can produce a unique code that only applies to you and your gaming account.

Some online casinos sometimes call you and inform you about what offers are currently available. Sometimes they ask you to answer some questions about their casino as a small survey and for the trouble you get a certain number of free spins on a selected game.

Of course, it is possible to turn off notifications about these offers both to email and sms. You usually set this on your profile when you are logged in. Otherwise, if you contact customer support, they will help you with this. You can also tell support that you do not want to be called.

Here below we have listed amounts of online casino bonuses where you can read more about what the casinos are willing to offer you in casino bonuses if you register with them.

In addition to various casino bonuses from online casinos, another fast-growing market is esports. E-sports is something that you can also bet on today. If you want to know more, you can read here about esport gaming.


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