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Explain Baccarat History And Video Poker Games

The exact origin of baccarat is not entirely clear. The name essentially means the same, causing many to believe the game was started in either. It is more probable the game manifested in during the Middle Ages. At this time, it was documented the game was being played with Tarot cards, based on an old Etruscan ritual.

It first appeared in the late 1400s and was soon adopted by royalty, who had an exclusive hold on the game for a long period of time. Although baccarat is still very popular ever since its introduction, the game has become one of the most played casino games there is. The elegant atmosphere of the game, low House Edge, and simple rules help give baccarat appeal to all kinds of players. The most recent evolution that the baccarat has undergone is the creation of the highly popular mini-baccarat. This form of the game allows for smaller table stakes and even easier game procedures. On the internet, both baccarat and min-baccarat are thriving with players who have never even played the game in a real casino.

Most Popular

Nowadays many more exotic games in the category of poker games are on offer and this is resulting in the moving of players away from the most popular video poker games. Over 20 different types of video poker are offered by Real Time Gaming (RTG). Multi-hand games are not included in this category. Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Deuces Wild, Deuces Wild, and Bonus Poker are among the most popular video poker games offered by RTG. The strategy of Jakes and Better is very much well known and thus playing it has become mechanical. Thus people are moving away from it to the new most popular video poker games which are much more interesting and challenging.

Bonus poker provides two interesting features. Firstly it splits four-of-a-kind payline into many paylines. Also, no single payout exists for four-of-a-kind hands. The payout for four-of-a-kind 5s to Ks is 25-1, a payout of 40-1 exists for four-of-a-kind 2s-4s and 75-1 exists for four-of-a-kind As. These are the most popular video poker games and provide an opportunity for the players for doubling their winning. On drawing a card higher than that of the dealer winning of the player gets doubled in this video poker game.

In Double Bonus Poker there are five paylines. The fifth card is taken into consideration in two of the paylines. The payout for Four of Kind in this game ranges from 45-1 to 350-1. 2 is used as a wild card in Deuces Wild Poker and can be substituted for the highest ranking cards. 3 paylines are introduced in this game, which is one of the most popular video poker games. If the player has a hand consisting of four 2’s then it is not treated as four of a kind 2’s but as a special hand known as 4 Deuces. It has a payout of 2000-1. A payline also exists for five-of-a-kind which is formed by four-of-a-kind cards and a fifth 2. Five-of-a-kind hand is split into three paylines in Bonus Deuces Poker. Five of a kind can be made of five 6s-Ks, five 3s-5s, and five As. It also offers a whopping payout in case the player has a royal flush. The whooping payout is 8000-1.

All the video poker games are available in both single and multi-hand. But a single hand is preferred by the players as this type of video poker game results in lower investment.


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