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All About Online Blackjack: Learn to Win

Welcome back to discover this new guide to Online Blackjack, a title that means a passion for players from all over the planet.

Fun, fast, full of adrenaline, Blackjack (literally “Black Jack”) is synonymous with the casino itself and in its digital versions, it always finds many new ideas to remain one of the most popular titles.

But are you sure you know all the rules of Online Blackjack? Do you know it as well as other popular casino games?

Everything you need to know is in this guide, so test your knowledge or be ready to learn new things!

  • The History of Blackjack
  • Blackjack Bonus Games
  • Before talking about rules and bets, let’s take a closer look at the history of Blackjack: this card game appeared at the end of the 18th century under the name of “21”.

The rules were a mix of those used in more urban and peripheral environments: in the time of games, it was possible to make a round of betting between each and every card dealt, and in the same way, the banker was the only person who could able to do double down.

In the nineteenth century, immigrants brought the 21 with them: it slowly spread, where it ended up being legalized but without receiving the same success. Indeed, its arrival coincides with that of many other exciting casino games , including craps and roulette.

To attract the players, casinos had to invent a trick that consisted of offering various bonuses, one of which was to pay the winnings 10 to 1 for each Blackjack that included an Ace of Spades and a BlackJack. The name “Blackjack” is still used today.

Before becoming Blackjack, the game took on many names of numbers. This is the case of the variant “Trentuno”, whose rule was to reach number 31 with a minimum of 3 cards. It became “7 and a half”, where face cards were worth half a point instead of 10. An ancestor of Blackjack, this game also appeared.
This game with a very interesting story does not have very complex rules: to play a good game you just need to know the basic rules.


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