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Martingale System – Winning Casino Systems 2022

What is the Martingale System? How can it be applied? We will give you really easy examples with specific numbers on how to bet on this system of slots or sports bets. We will also show you why the Martingale roulette system makes the most sense.

The Martingale system is a brief history

Martingale is a mathematically sound model of trading and money management that was originally used in gambling. He is working on the rule of gradually increasing the amount of the bet twice compared to the previous one. Thus, in the event of a win, the player covers all previous losses and has a profit equal to the original bet. It is always small but guaranteed.

Mathematician Joseph Leo Doob decided to disprove the system and the very possibility of obtaining a 100% profitable betting strategy. For this reason, he conducted a lot of mathematical research but ultimately failed to prove its inconsistency. At the same time, casino owners are quickly introducing protection against the Martingale system – putting the numbers 0 and 00 on the roulette wheel, as well as introducing a limit on the size of bets. Today, Martingale is also practically used in currency trading, sports betting, and binary options trading.

It turns out that in theory, the system is ideal, but in practice, there are many unsolvable problems. That is, you can get a big loss when betting in a geometric progression. Martingale is not recommended for online slots. For example, at  20, first, you bet, after a loss – 2 and you can reach a bet of 64 the sixth time. In short, to double your bets an infinite number of times – you need to have an infinite amount of money. These are 6 bets – the lack of a payline makes your loss final. That is, the system does not work and you are at a loss, and the casino wins. Therefore, it is not advisable to approach online slots with the intention of being your main source of income for money but to use them only as a means of fun.

Slots that can be played with the Martingale system

  • Fruit slots
  • Casino games pyramids
  • Casino games 40 lines
  • New casino games
  • Martingale’s online roulette strategy

Roulette is, perhaps, one of the most popular games of chance today. It appears for the first time in France. In online roulette, the game starts with a pre-selected starting bet from you – for example, black or red, even or odd. When applying the Martingale strategy, after each loss, if you bet on the black, you will need to increase the bet, so in case of victory, you will recover all your previous losses in this series. If you follow the sequence, your winnings when the ball falls on the black will be equal to your initial bet.

Indeed, in theory, everything looks great: when playing online roulette, even after a long series of losses, you will have a profit equal to the starting bet. This strategy seems to be a win-win, as it is impossible to lose indefinitely.


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