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A good online casino is that you enjoy playing at and where you feel that you can always get help from friendly and knowledgeable support staff – it’s that simple in many ways! A good online casino is therefore also individual. All players have different preferences and requirements. Of course, there are some factors that characterize a really good casino. In our opinion, all good online casinos have the following 7 things in common.

Some online casinos bet everything on a large and wide range of games, while others place emphasis on offering new functions and technologies such as login methods or payment methods. We try to rate the casinos we offer as fairly as possible, so you get an indication of how good it is. Our reviews are detailed, so that you who are looking for something special will be able to find it. Through the reviews, you can obtain facts about all online casinos in a quick and easy way.

Below we go through all the bits for online casinos in more detail so you get a full grasp of what we look at when we review online casinos. A large and wide selection of games, not only among the games themselves but a breadth among the categories, is important for an online casino to be really good. As a player, you thus get a great freedom of choice.

What is meant by large selection is of course a subjective question, but at least casino games is an absolute minimum. There should be many more games than that. Many online casinos on the market today boast games in their range, which we really like! If you play at the casino often, you want to be able to pick and choose between the games and not settle for games that you don’t think are completely optimal for you. The width may not be exactly as important, you may mainly want to play slots or video poker, but if you are like most casino players – that is, you like to try all conceivable games – the width does play a big role.

Just a couple of years ago, the registration and verification process at online casinos was sometimes quite complicated. You had to fill out long forms and send in copies of your id for the casino to know that it was really you who created your account. However, after the introduction of bankid and the so-called casino without registration, the experience is completely different.