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However, it is not all about appreciation, research and experience. There are of course mathematical rules for calculating the value of a casino bonus. Expected value is the term used to calculate the value of a bonus using an equation. The equation can be used to calculate the value of far more than casino bonuses and the concept also appears in other contexts.

Now that we have come so far that it is time to actually start playing with the bonuses, how do you know what a good bonus is? Simply put, you want as much as possible, for as low a requirement as possible. The ideal is of course to get bonus money/free spins/free bets without any requirements or conditions. However, this is less common and it is better to learn to value those that are usually available. Start by checking things like turnover requirements.

Regardless of whether you play with a free spins bonus, casino bonus, a poker bonus or an odds bonus, you want to know how much you have to play before you can withdraw your winnings. The lower the turnover requirements, the faster you can get your winnings. Remember to check what generates the most turnover of your bonus money, so that you get rid of your turnover requirement as quickly as possible. Usually the bonuses are limited to the fact that you as a player cannot make any large bets, therefore you cannot bet the entire bonus on one bet.

Furthermore, you must of course keep track of the validity period of your desired bonus. It may be just to activate the bonus when you have time to play. If there is a very large number of free spins and the validity period for these is only a few hours, it may be difficult to play all the free spins. Once you play with your bonus, a game strategy can be helpful to maximize returns. The well-known martingale strategy, for example, works well for those who play casino games and want to be safe with the tactics.

With it, you simply double the bet every time you lose, until you win. Martingale works on all types of casino games, but best of all on roulette. There are many more strategies for those who want to study and learn more. Some online casinos have picked up on this and chosen to take notice by creating casino bonuses for regular casino games that do not have any free spins at all. However, the bonus is still for slot games, as can be seen from the conditions where it can be stated, for example, that when playing slot games, the bonus counts as 100% turnover, while bets on table games only count as 5% turnover.


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