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How to Win Price with Lucky Number?

Just about everyone would love to discover how to select lucky numbers. Some folks are always looking for the next big thing. They are just sure there is some secret to getting a lottery win that has eluded them for all these years. You know what? They may be right. Have ever really thought about what it would be like to win a huge prize from your state lottery? How you could finally pay off your bills, buy a new house of your dreams, get a new chance, go on a really nice vacation, and live as you’ve always wanted?

If you are like most lotto players, you’ve probably figured out that the big winners have some angle that the rest of us just aren’t pricey to yet. Maybe these big winners use some super-secret strategy. Heck, there are even people who have won the lottery more than once. Surely the multiple jackpot winners have discovered a way to “beat the system” and bring home those big jackpots while the rest of us are trapped on the outside, looking in.

Some people may have even identified a way to pick those winning numbers but did not want to put forth the time and effort that it would have taken to develop the winning strategy. After all, it is quite a bit of work to refine any system, especially one as complicated as any system has to be to get winning numbers on a regular basis.

Do you know that if you do get it right, you’ll be able to live your dreams? In fact, there are real people who have done it! Have you heard about the man who actually did spend the time refining and perfecting his lottery system? In fact, it worked so well there were actually people after him for it. Naturally, he was in the news, as you’d expect someone who has won multiple lottery jackpots to be. He caught the attention of the wrong people, who wanted to discover his secret to winning. One day they actually tried to kidnap him and force him to reveal his secrets. He managed to get away but took a bullet in the foot during the ruckus. Of course, that got him in the news one more time!

There are some common strategies lottery players use to pick their lucky numbers. You probably use, or have used some of these yourself, with different degrees of success  :

Special Days and Anniversaries  – 

Probably the most used lottery strategy is the practice of using special and personally important days as a way of picking lucky numbers. According to lottery experts not only do many people use this technique, but this is also the most popular method people use to choose their lucky numbers. Unfortunately, that means it has one big drawback. Since it is so popular, and people are choosing their numbers from a pool of only 31 numbers (the number of days in a month), any winner you get will likely be shared by many other people. You don’t want to share your jackpot with 7 other like-minded people, do you?

Most Overdue Numbers –

One “insider” technique used by experienced players is to look up the list of recently drawn numbers at the state lotto casino. You can play both sides of this, choosing either the numbers that have not hit recently, because they are overdue or the ones that have proved very popular recently, on the grounds that they are hot. Unfortunately, just because the numbers haven’t hit for a while doesn’t mean they are “overdue” to deliver you a big jackpot winner any time soon. Although it is popular, and folks have won using this strategy on occasion, on the whole, you would be better off using a truly effective way to choose your winning numbers, and this technique isn’t it.

8 Year Strategy

What about using the same strategy that the man who got shot for his troubles uses?  That one has demonstrated success behind it, so it only makes sense to try it out, wouldn’t you think? No question about it, if you can discover a winning system without spending 8 long years refining it so it works, that is the fastest and easiest way to go. It’s all about finding your lucky lotto numbers, right?


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