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Are you looking for Best Casino Bonus 2022? We think it should be easy to receive bonuses, and that’s why we have created our lists where you only need to click a button to take advantage of the offer. There is a very large variation when it comes to casino bonuses, but below you will find the most popular variants such as Free Spins without deposit, Bonus money and Cashback Bonus We focus on offering casinos that are worth playing at, and our goal is to provide you with the casinos with the Best Casino Bonus. We have many years of experience in the industry, and we know what is actually good. All the casinos you find in our lists are casinos that we have carefully selected and tested among all the thousands of casinos that are around online.

Online Casino Bonuses

What we focus on most here at online casino is to offer you as a reader the absolute best casino bonuses online. When you play with a casino bonus you get more money to play with than your original deposit, this increases your chances of winning and also allows you to play longer periods or bet more which will result in bigger wins. Before you choose which online casino you want to play at, we recommend that you read our reviews where we go through how the site works, all bonuses and their range of games. We also list things like withdrawal times,

The various games at online casinos

The online slot machines have really come a long way from the classic fruit castles we had in the past that could be found in pizzerias and the like. Today you will notice that all castles maintain a very high standard with fantastic looking graphics, very different functions and cool sound effects. Some slot machines released today feel almost like real computer games where you are taken on a journey through hundreds of different themes and bonus features. Today you will also find Live Casino with Live dealers where it feels like you are sitting in a real casino and playing, even though you are sitting at home at the computer. Via Live Casino you can play lots of different table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and more.

Casino Fun and Exciting

We can guarantee you that you will have a fun time. All the casinos we list have excellent support, a large selection of games, safe and fast withdrawals and most importantly, offer a really fun time. All you have to do is choose a casino from our lists, create an account, deposit and enjoy the games. You will definitely have a fun time and who knows what kind of winnings are hiding around the corner. When you have finished playing, you can withdraw your winnings and you will usually have them in your account the next day. Most casinos today offer a 24 hour rule where they will always process your withdrawal within 24 hours provided you have verified. If you have not verified at a new casino, you may need to do so and this may take up to 2 days,

New Casino 2022

New casinos you will find generous welcome bonuses as well as unique and innovative promotions and many new ideas that old casinos simply did not dare to try. Something that you quickly notice is that many of the old casinos have a tendency to offer the same old bonuses and promotions as it has been proven that it works and does not dare to try new things and this is where new casinos come in with some fresh air.

Casino without account

Do you also find it difficult to create a new account every time you play at new casinos? Having to sit and enter a lot of personal information about oneself. This is both very time consuming and may not feel so safe to give out to anyone, then a casino without an account is absolutely perfect for you. Now you can log in with your BankID and get started with your gambling in just a couple of minutes, in addition, you get the money within 5 minutes when you feel it is finished playing and you make your withdrawal.

Security and safety at the casino

Feeling safe when playing casino online is something that is very important because you give out a lot of information about yourself that you do not want to end up in the wrong hands. This is especially important in connection with transactions when issuing account numbers, credit card numbers and the like and that is why today all serious online casinos have an SSL encryption and that all transactions are encrypted with at least 128 bits.


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