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Since the new gaming law, a lot has changed at online casinos, but a number of things have been very confusing and casinos without verification and/or without registration are one of those that have raised the most questions. Today we therefore thought of offering a short article where we explain this casino without verification a little better. Okay first things first we need to clear this up with authentication. It is a must at all online casinos. What most mean when they search for casinos without verification is actually what we call casinos that offer bankid login.

Since the new gaming law, more than 90% of all online casinos have introduced bankid as a method of payment and registration. When you create an account with these casinos by logging in via your bank id, you verify your account at the same time. So casino without verification, also known as casino without account , are simply casinos where you do not have to verify yourself before making a withdrawal because you have already done so when you have registered.

If we return to the question of whether or not it is legal to play at casinos where you do not need to verify yourself, the answer is that it is not legal as verification is required at all safe casinos. If, on the other hand, you think of casinos that have bankid login where you don’t have to verify yourself an extra time, these casinos are fully legal and actually the safest for us. Is it legal to play at online casinos where we do not verify ourselves with a bank id then? Here, however, the answer is both yes and no, depending on which online casino you intend to play at.

Let me explain: casinos where you cannot verify yourself with bankid are either casinos that have a license but lack cooperation with the banks because their main market. At these casinos it is legal to play but you have to verify yourself by submitting documents. Other casino sites that do not have a license, which then also lack bankid verification, are also not illegal per se, but, and it’s a big but, these casinos are not tax-free – i.e. You have to report your winnings yourself in your tax return and these casinos we cannot trust because we don’t know what laws they follow.

But now consider that you don’t actually need to know much about safe casinos and verification because you are smart enough to visit casino where we have already done the most important preparatory work for you so that you can easily compare and choose a good casino but always come to a safe online casino. You see a couple of these in our list above, but since it sometimes changes with new casinos, here is also a small list with most casinos where you do not need to verify yourself once more. You will of course find all of these plus a few more together with the current bonus and a detailed review on our page with all the casinos where you can log in with a bank id and avoid extra verification.

It can also be good to know how the verification is done when the casino does not have the bankid verification option because we still have a couple of licensed online casinos that do not actually offer verification via bankid.