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The jackpot games are specially selected casino games where you as a player have the chance to win big. A small portion of each casino player’s bet per spin is added to the progressive jackpot which keeps growing until someone wins it. The largest individual jackpot to date from a video slot with a progressive jackpot was won and amounted to approximately million. You don’t win as often on these casino games, but when you do, you have the chance to win really big. Examples of jackpot games that you may be familiar with are mega moolah, mega fortune dreams, mega fortune and hall of gods.


Roulette belongs to the old classic type of casino game. In this way, there is no machine with a random generator that is programmed into the video slots. The game itself is very simple. As a player, you bet on which number you think will come up during the next game round. Roulette has a rotating game board where the ball is set in motion inside the spinning wheel. The roulette wheel is divided into 37 numbered slots that the ball can land in.

The slots consist of 18 red options and 18 black options as well as a neutral slot that has the number 0. Once the ball has stopped and landed in one of the slots, the players who bet on that number or on a combination that includes the number. The numbers are not distributed in sequential order in the wheel but are completely mixed.

How does the player place their bet

Next to the roulette wheel is an oblong table with a playing board where all 37 numbers are marked. If you visit a physical casino, you must first buy chips with which you can then make your bets. In this way, there is no real money at the roulette table. On the oblong table, you place your chips either on a number or in the middle between 4 numbers in a line intersection. If you choose to bet on a line crossing, you win if the ball lands on any of the 4 numbers you placed your chips on.

In roulette, you can either bet on a simple number and if it hits, you win a whopping 35 times your bet. It is of course very difficult to hit 1 out of 37 numbers, but you can bet on several numbers during a game round if you want.