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Video poker is a very exciting form of casino game that differs somewhat from, for example, a traditional slot game. In slot games, there is a lot of passive clicking where only the wheels spin, but when you play video poker games, you as a player have great visibility and the opportunity to influence the outcome of the game.

When you play video poker, you have the power. You decide for yourself how much you are willing to bet each round, which machine you want to play on and most importantly, which cards you want to keep during the round. In video poker, you can also develop different strategies, which can improve your chances when playing. These are some of the reasons why there are many new video poker games out there.

Try top games like baccarat

Another popular game that is often found in online casinos is baccarat, which is almost like blackjack’s cousin. The similarities are many, but the rules are different. Baccarat is a game you play against a dealer, and the goal is to try to get the sum of 9 or in other cases get as close to it as possible. The basic rules are as follows:

  • Bet is made before you get cards
  • You can bet on yourself, the bank or a tie
  • A draw gives a dividend of 9:1
  • If you or the house win, the win is 1:1
  • After the bets, you and the bank get two cards each
  • Closest to 9 wins
  • If the value of the two cards exceeds 10, 10 is subtracted from the value. For example, if you got a 9 and a 7, the total is 6 (9+7= 16 – 10 = 6)

Choose your lucky numbers in keno online

Keno is a very interesting and popular game. It basically involves the player choosing a couple of numbers, followed by the casino drawing a series of numbers in a draw where the player then receives a possible payout if he gets enough numbers right.

The game is based on a keno card, a paytable and some buttons:

Keno card – this is a card with a grid. It looks like a large lottery ticket containing numbers between 1 to 80. Traditionally, there are eight rows and ten numbers on each row.

Paytable – the paytable shows you how you win and how much you win. In keno, however, it’s not necessarily about hitting a lot of numbers, but rather getting as high a percentage of the numbers as possible. For example, 6 out of 6 numbers might pay 1800x the money, while 7 out of 18 only gives 2x your bet.

Quick pick – instead of picking your numbers yourself, the system randomly picks them for you.


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