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New 2022 Casinos: the Latest Industry News

After the first rounds of licensing for the birth of new online casinos, the market experienced a period of relative stability during which there were not many operators who entered the market because AAMS was not issuing new concessions. In recent years, therefore, we have seen some mergers, brand acquisitions by large operators, and the waiver of some licenses but nothing capable of significantly changing the landscape of online gaming.

About a couple of years ago, however, AAMS began announcing its intention to publish a tender in which it made available a substantial number of new licenses to bring as many new operators onto the market. An electrifying atmosphere of expectation has therefore been created during which numerous speculations have circulated concerning the structure of the call, its publication, and also the name of the operators who would have taken advantage of it. The wait then turned out to be longer than expected, but finally, in January 2018, the call for the release of 120 new licenses was officially published. National and international operators interested in entering our market only had a couple of months to demonstrate that they have all the requirements required by the AAMS and therefore be able to aspire to become one of the new online casinos in 2022, but still around 80 different applications were collected. Among these, there will be some operators who have simply requested to update their license which has already expired, but most of the applications have been submitted by companies wishing to offer their services.

Once the expiry date of the call has passed, the AAMS has taken the time necessary to evaluate the completeness and adequacy of the attached documentation and to therefore accept the application, after which the operator has the time to prepare its launch on the market, of a new online casino 2022.

Unfortunately, the names of the groups that have asked to be able to open new online casinos in 2022 have not been leaked and therefore we are still waiting to know how the landscape of legal gaming will change. The call was open to all online gaming operators, this means that both new casinos and betting or bingo sites or even poker platforms could appear. Another element that at the moment raises some questions about the launch of the new casinos is the Dignity Decree approved in August 2018 which prohibits the advertising of gambling. This new law complicates a bit the life of both the players and the companies that are preparing to present their services on the market. In fact, from the point of view of operators, it will be really difficult to carve out a space in a market that is already so rich in proposals and so competitive. As for the players, it will become more complicated to know which are the new legal online casinos and which ones are unauthorized since advertising had up to now also carried out an information function by making known to the general public what are the brands and brands. safe in our country. In fact, imagine what the difficulties may be in launching a newly authorized casino on the market, without however having the possibility of making yourself known through television commercials or promotional announcements in print. The new casino will only be able to count on word of mouth, which is certainly important but may not prove to be enough in such a competitive market.


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