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The technology was already incredibly advanced, it’s hard to keep up with the pace of development. A positive thing is that we saw better quality when it came to mobile games for casino and odds. It was unthinkable for a new casino to be launched without offering a perfect gaming experience. The player pressure at the mobile casino was already great then.

Design trends – Casino adventure was a theme that became increasingly popular this year, something that could easily be experienced with the help of fun design innovations. Another design trending in was universe and space themed casinos. A good example of space design this year was the genesis casino, a space flight that offered casino entertainment. As a counterpart to advanced design, we also saw a number of casinos that are sparse in terms of appearance and the focus was instead turned on the functions of the game page.

VR Casino – Casinos that offered a VR environment, virtual reality we increasingly saw online. The gaming experience was different and you felt more like a part of the game. Maybe not something that suits everyone, but definitely a transition from video games to casino online. At slotsmillion, we then saw a really good example of a VR casino . The technology felt current and we thought we would see more of this.

Without an account – Without an account as it was called, was probably one of the hottest trends. We saw an incredible number of online casinos that chose to offer the then new technology. Sometimes the technology was already called quick registration and sometimes play casino without an account. With a bankid, you could play on such a gaming platform. Without an account, the concept would go quickly – from deposit to smooth withdrawal of profit.

Live casino – Casino with live dealer has been around for quite a while, but gained new power. The range of games at newly established live casinos became better and with more tables to choose from. More and more online casinos had during the year focused on campaigns that apply to live casinos. Live roulette and live blackjack always win and with extra prizes to be won, there are many who want to participate. Several casinos also chose to offer live casino and software from more than one game provider, which made the range of games more interesting.

Focus on security – Even as technology became more advanced, there was always an issue of security on the gaming side. There were those who unfortunately had dishonest intentions, which are also very inventive. Therefore, it was of great importance that safety was always in focus. In the gambling industry, incredible sums were traded daily and they wanted to ensure that parts of these sums were not used for shady purposes such as money laundering etc. New ways of paying and verifying yourself online also provided a high level of security and the site became trusted and maintained a good reputation.