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There are both similarities and differences between land-based casinos and online casinos. The most noticeable difference is perhaps that you are not crowded with a lot of other people when you play online, but that here you play most of the games against the computer, or a random generator instead of against other players. There is a difference between good and bad, of course. Some like to be able to play when and how they want, and that they don’t have to think about how they are dressed or whether they should be allowed in at all.

Others may miss the contact with donors and other players. But, that can actually be remedied if you apply to the casino’s live games department. There you can play many different casino games against live dealers, in real time. Other differences are that the range of games is significantly greater at the online casino, which of course speaks to the online casino’s advantage. Another factor that no one can see as a disadvantage is the many, and generous, bonuses that are awarded at online casinos.

Most common bonus

The most common bonuses are welcome bonuses, which all casinos give out to new players. Some bonuses are paid out as soon as you register, while others come in connection with the first deposit in the game account. These bonuses can contain a lot of money to play for, which of course greatly increases the chance of winning. A deposit bonus matches your own deposit, and the match can be 100% and sometimes even more. You can thus influence how much you get in bonus through the amount you deposit. Making a deposit to the game account is a fairly simple operation, which does not have to take many minutes.

Most casinos offer many different payment methods for depositing, so you can choose an option that you feel safe with. Today it is even possible to pay the casino by invoice. If you choose deposit with casino invoice, the money is immediately deposited into your gaming account, and you can quickly get started with the game. You then pay the invoice, together with your other bills, in the usual way via the internet bank. Online casino is a good option for anyone who feels hesitant about paying by card or other online payment methods, but it is also a good solution if you don’t have money in your account at the moment.


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