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How To Manipulate Slots?

Many novice players make the mistake of thinking they can outsmart casinos. The Internet is full of a lot of wrong information on the subject. Instead of manipulating the slots, we give you some tips on how to start making money from casino typewriters.

These 9 tips above may seem somewhat general or vague, but I will explain them with examples and details to see that they work, one of them is the Martingale system.

How to win from Slot / Online Casino Slot?

Slots are exactly those games in which only luck can benefit you. You can choose your own bet and whether to press the button yourself or play the automatic game.

1. Play the free demo version of the game first

Years ago, demo versions of the games were not so common, but now that a new game comes out, I never play it for real money. First I run the demo version to find out which combinations are profitable, whether there is a scatter, whether there is a jackpot game, whether there is a possibility for free spins. I also want to see if I like the design of the game if I enjoy playing it. Regarding the free game of online slots – my advice is to be realistic and if you would play for real money with a bet of 50 cents, then explore the game with that much. This way you will get an idea of ​​how much you can actually earn.

2. Only when you learn how to play a slot – then play real money slots

Surely this advice seems rather strange to beginners. Does anyone have any idea how many times I’ve lost money in an online casino because I decide to play some unfamiliar slot? And I do, but not a few. First I have to find my way to set the desired bet, in one game its value is changed by pressing the amount, in another the drum is rotated directly and so sometimes I bet 2-3 levs without wanting to.

The next thing – first I want to find out what is the minimum bet, what is the maximum win in the game, whether there is a bonus of free spins, and how they are activated. Is there a choice of knobs – can you choose between 5 spins with multiplier 3 or 10 spins with multiplier 2 and things like that. which are quite important. And at that time, when I turned a few times and I will feel if I like to design and music.

3. Check the volatility of the game

Before playing a game it is good to know about its value casino volatility. If you want to roll bonus funds, it is good to play slots with low volatility, and if you play for bigger winnings, choose those with high.

4. After a good win, change the game or payout

When to pay is your decision, but from so much experience I began to think about what can be defined as a decent profit. Imagine that you play an online slot with a bet of 50 bucks and you lose 3 bucks, you are lucky and you get 17 bucks, in short, your winnings from the online casino are now 14 bucks net profit. The probability of another big win with this bet is really small and for me, this is the moment when I have to leave the game or pay.

When we talk about the bonus round, which is most often in the form of free spins, each slot has a certain number of spins before giving it to you. Let’s say you play a casino game that gives you a bonus round on an average of 200 bets – now back to the above case – you were lucky and won 14 net profit. The probability that a new round will come after that is very small, and you will have to bet 0.2 on 200, which is 40 bucks.

In short – if you have won more than you have ever bet in a slot, you better change the game


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