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Today, the major online casinos offer a gaming section called live casino. Here, netent and evolution gaming are by far the largest game providers on the market. The game providers have built physical casinos that can interact with the online casino player over the net.

Here, roulette is also a frequently occurring casino game where each roulette table has its own croupier and webcam. Online, the casino player can then place their bets and follow the round of games live online. The croupier, in turn, has full control over placed bets via a computer program that is connected to the roulette table. The croupier can see how many players are connected to the roulette table and is the one who decides when the last time is to place bets in the current round.

Live casino is one of the fastest growing casino games in the casino world right now.

Why not play on extremely hot jackpot games with huge jackpots instead of playing on games that are ice cold payout wise or lukewarm at best.

Big wins await

There is a chance that you will be the next big winner. It may seem obvious that you shouldn’t miss all the hot jackpot games that are available to play with colossal payouts! That’s why we particularly like betsafe’s latest initiative where they have collected their favorites so that you can easily follow exactly how hot their jackpots are. It is important to keep track of their developed game thermometers divided between cold, medium, hot and extreme. A game that falls into the extreme category has exceeded its average payout and is ready to drop at any moment!

Did you know that betsafe has distributed over sek 68 million in jackpot winnings to players around online casino why not try your luck too!

Get notified about the jackpots

Who doesn’t want that big win bet safe helps you keep track! Sign up via the button on their information page (promotion page) about the jackpot games and they will send you a notification every time a jackpot game moves to the extreme category. That way, you know exactly when a jackpot is about to fall out!

Online casino game wishes you all the best and if you become the next big winner, please let us know. Shared happiness is double happiness! Playing a progressive jackpot slot is basically like playing any regular slot, with a few differences. We go through what you should think about. When playing a progressive jackpot machine.


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