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The live variant of free online Blackjack is the most exciting, as it sees real players compete against each other. The rules of a live game at the tables are those of the traditional game, but the alternative versions of online Blackjack also offer the possibility of playing live.

Here Are the Best Casinos to Play Live Blackjack:

  • Star casino offers the Blackjack Golden Card bonus of  5 bucks each;
  • Digital Game is one of the casinos with the richest schedule of free blackjack variants online;
  • We offer a 1,000 bucks first deposit bonus and 46 variations of the game.

Free Online Blackjack: Tricks and Strategies

Over the years there have been several strategies that increase the chances of winning in Blackjack. However, these chances of success depend on how many decks are used: the fewer the cards in play, the greater the chances of predicting success.

Among the tricks and strategies that interest Blackjack we point out:

  • Counting cards;
  • The chart.
  • Counting cards

In Blackjack, the cards are shuffled only once, prior to their distribution.

Starting from this axiom and assuming the number of tiles distributed on the table is known, it is possible to know which ones have already come out and which ones are still present in the deck.

The difficulty of this technique lies in memorizing the cards drawn between one round and another. Those with a good memory have the opportunity to observe how many have already gone out with the low number and how many with the high number. In this way, it is possible to calculate the probability that a high or low card will hit.

Online Blackjack Table

Digital casinos offer their customers various services, with the aim of improving the visit to the site and the gaming experience.

In the case of Blackjack, many Gambling sites provide tables in which the possible values ​​of the player’s hand are indicated from time to time.

These tables work like a naval battle and require the player’s points to be crossed with those of the dealer, to find out which move to make.

This is indicated with the terms:

Conclusion: our tips for playing free online blackjack

Blackjack is one of those historical games, such as slots and other casino games, which over the centuries has been able to retain its charm and innovate to adapt to new generations.

Today, with the spread of the digital world, there has been an increase in the versions of this game (even for free) which, however, maintains its cornerstones unchanged.

Many of the games in the digital version have a free mode that allows those who wish to place bets at no cost.

Using a demo version is a very good strategy for this type of game (eg slots or poker) because it allows the user to have fun for free and practice.

Anyone who wants to play the online version must visit a casino, making sure that this is regulated.

  • “Card”, which indicates the need to request another card from the dealer;
  • “Stay” which, on the other hand, signals the need not to have extra cards;
  • “Double”, which identifies the opportunity for a doubling;
  • “Split”;
  • “Surrender”.


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