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Guide to cash-out

The online betting sites are getting more and more features and better offers, which times the players. One fun feature that has become popular in recent years is the cash-out option. If you do not know what cash-out is and want to learn more about this, you should read our guide to cash-out.

How does cash-out work?

Cash-out is a function offered by most online betting sites. This feature allows you to end a game before the match is over. This means that you have the opportunity to withdraw your money from the game before the game is actually finished.

Using a cash-out can be both profitable and unprofitable. It depends on when you use the function. If you cash out while the game is in progress, and while the result is in line with what you played on, you will get extra back on your bet. But you will not get back as much as if you wait until the match is over. So if you think your game will hold up completely, then you have the benefit of waiting until the referee blows off the match.

Should you rely on your original analysis and your original game or should you withdraw the money along the way and rather settle for a slightly lower payout? That’s the big question.

Let’s take an example:

Say you bet on Everton beating Liverpool at 2.30 odds.

If Everton goes up to 1-0 if there is only a short time left of the match, the chances of you winning your game are high. Here you have the opportunity to choose cash-out, and withdraw the money before the match is over at lower odds (with still winning), or wait until the match is over and win at 2.30 in odds.

However, should Liverpool go up to 1-0 with only a short time left of the match, there is a good chance that you will lose your game. Here too you can choose a cash-out before the match is over, but here you will only get back a fraction of your original bet. Since there is still a theoretical possibility that Everton will win the match (it is still not finished), you will probably still get more in return if you cash out than if you wait until the match is over and the game is completely lost.

Which games can you use cash-out on?

Most betting sites offer cash-out. However, it can vary which markets and matches you can use cash-out on. You will find an overview of where you can use cash-out in the sportsbook at the various casino betting sites.

Cash-out is usually offered on all types of sports, e.g. football, tennis, boxing, basketball, etc. You can usually also use cash-out both on singles games and where you have several games on the same coupon.

Many betting companies also offer automatic cash-out. Here you can register in advance what winnings you will be happy with on your game, and then the system will automatically make a cash-out if the game develops so that you can win the pre-registered amount.
Some betting sites also allow you to choose to cash out parts of the game and keep the rest of the game until the match is over.


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