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Bonuses and Bonus Games on Slot Machines

There are several slot machines in which the authors have focused on visual design or higher winnings in a standard game. But if the game has infamous bonuses, it is less likely to become a hit. To clarify, try to remember your favorite games and tell what you liked best about them. Bonuses will definitely be the most mentioned answer.

There are currently thousands of online slot machines available, but there are significantly fewer that offer bonuses. And that’s why, like players, we value the originality and creativity of authors who are able to create something really special and unprecedented in a particular field.

Below we have summarized the classic values ​​and the most used bonus types:

Wild symbol

The most classic (and very popular) bonus – this bonus is available on almost all online slot machines. Its elementary part of the game is a special symbol that works as a joker in a standard game. This means that if a symbol is missing on the winning line and the Wild symbol occupies that position, the slot machine evaluates the line with the potential winner for that particular winning line. There are often small additional bonuses available along with the Wild symbol.

Expansion Wild symbol

A special type of Wild symbol that works in the same way as the classic wild symbol. However, for this specialty is that it appears in the field and expansion. This means that it also appears on adjacent squares, giving you the opportunity to draw additional winning lines and winnings.

Scatter symbol

Another well-established classic and faithful companion to the wild symbol. This is another symbol that can be found in almost every game. It is often used to start the bonus game associated with this symbol. To do this, you need to get the Scatter symbol at least three times anywhere on the board – this usually allows you to start the bonus game. Of course, in some cases, it also operates on its own, rewarding the player with a pleasant bonus immediately after appearing on the field.

Free spins

Is there a more popular bonus than free spins? Honestly, this is a difficult issue. Free spins are quick, easy, and generous – and they cost absolutely nothing. What else could a player want? Nothing, really. If you manage to get them, use them well. And if the authors of the game will be generous and allow you to accumulate other bonuses in free spins over time, then the result will be truly unique. The only downside is that a small number of free spins are usually offered.


There are several ways a multiplier can work. , it is often seen that during the spins, the reels are replaced with, for example, falling stones that explode and increase the multiplier. Multipliers can also be associated with other things, such as bonuses, free spins, and more. The creative team knows how to use bonuses to get the chance to win really big winnings.

Press and win

This bonus is usually associated with other bonuses (possibly most with a scatter symbol), or it acts as a separate special symbol. It basically consists of a separate bonus game where your task is to choose one or more things that show different hidden bonus values. This is a very popular type of bonus, as it is almost impossible to lose in it. You can only get. Sometimes extra levels are involved. In such cases, one of the choices represents the door to another bonus game. This bonus used to be one of the most common bonuses, but it is less common in new games.


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