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Different Payment Methods at Casinos

When you play online, you can be sure that your casino withdrawals and deposits are made quickly and safely. Online casinos all use well-known, reliable casino payment services, so no matter where you play, you are guaranteed to find a payment method that suits you.

Invoice payments : Playing casino with an invoice is possible for all players who have a mobile subscription in their name. With an invoice, you can easily postpone your payments until later by paying with an invoice. Casino invoices give you two different options to pay your bills on. You can either choose to pay in connection with your total mobile bill each month or by sending a separate invoice that can be paid at a later time.

Casino invoice has made it easier, faster and safer to play casino at, and today you can choose between a couple of large payment services that all offer casino games against invoice. Choose from Zimpler or Siru which all provide different payment options.

Zimpler : Used to offer fast casino payments against invoice completely free of charge. After four successful years, the company was acquired by Zimpler, which is the new name for the invoice solution. What makes invoice payments with Zimpler so popular is that you get an individual credit that is based on a quick and easy credit check. Among the many online casino alternatives that use these are Thrills, Casumo and Casinostugan.

Siru : Siru mobile payment offers simple and fast invoice payments that are added to your regular mobile bill. The credit limit is 3,000 and a mobile subscription registered in your name is required to be able to use the service.

Card payment : Card payment is the most common payment method that you will find at all online casinos online. Making casino deposits through your credit card works just like regular online payments. You also do not have to worry about your card information getting lost as everything is done securely and no information is available for anyone to see. For example, you can pay with VISA, MasterCard and Maestro completely safely and without problems. When you pay by card, you use the same security technology as regular banks, which makes it safe to make your casino payments with your credit card. To see all the fees that new casinos charge for card payments, go to their websites.

VISA / VISA electron : VISA is the most common payment method with credit cards and is used worldwide. Today you can choose to pay with your VISA card at all online casinos. Casino payments with VISA are secure as the security service Verify by VISA is used to handle all transactions via the network.

MasterCard : MasterCard is the most widely used payment card and can be used by over 24 million merchants worldwide. This means that MasterCard is available as a payment method at all online casinos. MasterCard also uses security technology with extra passwords. When making your transactions, you must enter the MasterCard Secure Code, which works just like Verify by VISA. However, it is not always possible to make withdrawals to MasterCard.

Maestro : Maestro differs from both MasterCard and VISA in that the card only offers direct payments with the card. This means that you do not have the opportunity to play on credit and can only use the money that is already on your card.

E-card : E-cards are becoming more common as a payment method and you can use E-cards at many online casinos. You receive an e-card via your bank and is actually a copy of your current credit card. However, your E-card will have a completely unique card number and a different expiration date. The card can only be used once per point of sale.

Bank transfer : After card payment, bank transfer is next in line to the most common payment options for casinos used today. Not only is it safe to make bank transfers it is also very convenient. Something that can be a disadvantage for those who want to play directly and use bank transfer is that it takes approx. 72 hours before the transaction is completed.

E-wallet : You can use e-wallets on most casino sites. The payment method is both flexible and reliable and above all free of charge. The E-wallets available at most online casinos are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. The wallet works just like a bank account, where you transfer the desired amount to the payment service, and then make all your payments. For example, you can make both deposits and casino withdrawals with your virtual debit card. One thing that may be worth thinking about before making your casino payments is that there may be a transaction fee.


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