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If you have ever visited an online casino, you will be greeted by a welcome bonus, deposit bonus and a host of other bonuses that at first glance sound very lucrative. The question you have probably asked yourself is: – are these bonuses a hoax or an opportunity to make money without having to use them first?

The term bonus comes from latin and means good, useful; the righteous; reliable; bottles; friendly. In professional life, we are talking about an extra payment you receive at irregular intervals in addition to your ordinary salary when we are talking about a bonus. In card games, bonuses are extra points for winning a game. At a casino, a bonus is something you get when you create a gaming account (welcome bonus) or deposit money (deposit bonus) into this account.

Dear child has many names. It is therefore perhaps not so surprising that there is a flood of bonuses, whether you visit a physical casino or an online casino. However, most bonuses are just a variation of 1 of 2 bonus types:

Welcome bonus – a one-time bonus you get for creating a gaming account at an online casino game.

Deposit bonus – a bonus you get for depositing money into your gaming account. Some only offer this as a one-time bonus, while others offer a smaller bonus with each deposit.

While the welcome bonus is a bonus to attract as many potential players as possible to the casino, deposit bonuses are a loyalty bonus to get the player to be loyal to one and the same online casino game.

No one likes to give money away for free, especially not casinos. You are therefore probably wondering why they do this. The answer is simple. People love free bonuses. Nothing is better than free money. Among the online casinos, these bonuses have become so important that they determine whether the casino gets players or not. Of this, the online casinos spend a lot of time and resources on developing and marketing these bonuses. For you as a user, this means that you have a jungle of bonuses to choose from online.

You have probably heard the expression there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a lot of truth in this expression and it also applies to the highest degree to the casino industry. The bonus’s function is to lure as many players as possible to the online casino, and get them to deposit money they can play for. For every they give away in bonuses to the players, the casino’s bottom line is reduced accordingly. If they give away too much in bonuses, they therefore go bankrupt. For that reason, it goes without saying that you do not get these bonuses without having to do anything yourself, and you cannot use these bonuses exactly as you wish.