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Thanks to advances in streaming technology, it is possible to enjoy the best live casino games wherever you are. Even from your cell phone or tablet! However, keep in mind that live dealer games have many differences from digital games.

The most important difference is that of data usage. Our recommendation is that you avoid using your mobile data for live dealer casino games as much as possible. Find where you can play live casino games online with a WiFi connection. Not only because of the data issue but because they generally offer a more secure and stable connection.

As with PC, there are two ways to play live casino games online: directly through an app or through the web version, which you can find at the casino of your choice. Choosing one depends on the following factors:

Privacy: Some games may collect (anonymous) information about your mobile device. If this is something that concerns you, you can minimize the information you share by playing the game via the web version and using a VPN. Just make sure to choose the VPN country or region.

Compatibility: The web versions do not have a major problem. If you were able to open the casino portal, chances are you can play from there. Most apps are available on both Android and iOS. Other operating systems, such as Windows, may have a problem. The best thing, in that case, is to play through the web version.

Availability – Please note that even if a game is available on an online casino portal, its respective app may depend on the legal jurisdiction of the player. If the app is not available, you can always play on the web version!

Available space: If you have many applications and you are running out of memory, you may prefer to play from the web version.

Speed: The fastest way to start playing is from an app. From a web version, it is necessary to open the browser, go to the casino portal, log in, search for the game, and only then can you start playing.

Top Live Casino Game Developers

Live dealer casino gaming is a very tough market. Not only do they require a heavy investment to prepare them, but they must be maintained with flesh and blood staff, who must be paid regularly.

So it is not an area of ​​the online casino world that appeals to those just looking to trade. If you see a live casino game, and its provider has managed to survive for more than a year, you can be sure that they offer something of quality.

That said, there are certain providers that stand out even among other titans.

They seek to optimize their games: It is good to play in HD, but it is better to be able to play from your cell phone.

They focus entirely on live casino games: Some software providers are testing the waters of live casino games, but only a few dedicate all their efforts to offering them as a single service.

They seek to innovate: It is good to play in HD, but it is better to be able to play in virtual reality. And with mechanics never seen before, by the way.

Some of those that meet the above criteria are Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, among others.


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