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Card Counting BlackJack

If you wonder why you can’t count blackjack cards in online casinos, Kika Casino explains it to you. The system with which an online casino works does not really use a number of specific decks that are spent with each part that you put, rather it is like multiple decks of cards where all the prospects are maintained.

As much as you see that both you and the dealer have come out, all the face cards (J, Q, K) do not mean that they will not come out again in online blackjack because it is an infinite deck and it is not spent. Different from the traditional board game where if a large part of the figures has come out, it is against all odds that one will come out again. 

Blackjack Tournaments

Unlike conventional Blackjack hands, when tournaments start, then the player will not only play with the dealer but with their competitor players who will seek to reach the score of 21 or as close as possible.

In this type of tournament, not only is the entire amount of money at stake that every player starts with (whose amount is planned), but also the money from each person’s registration. So if the amount to enter is 1000 bucks and 5000 bucks is the money that each player will have, and there are 20 players, basically, the winner in the first position could take more than 100 thousand bucks.

You can enter Live Blackjack and Mobile Blackjack tournaments. Companies like bet365, 7Casino, and others always offer blackjack tournaments every year.

How great are the chances of winning at BlackJack?

You are more likely to have an opportunity to win the Blackjack in a land-based casino than online, or you can take advantage of the advent of live casinos. Well, to win straight in standard Blackjack you will have a 45% chance of getting it. While the dealer’s chances of losing are 48%, this means that the tie runs at a 10% percentage. Remember that this is a general recipe, it does not mean that all games will be like this. To get the most out of it, we recommend applying the strategies recommended here.


Playing blackjack for free or doing it for a fee ends in enjoyment. This game is excellent to pass the time, but of course, if you are looking to make a profit you will have to think about all the prospects and apply those little tips that put you in a better position. It doesn’t cost much and by doing it you widen the chances of having more good hands than bad ones. Knowing when to stand, when to hit, and when to take insurance is critical for any Blackjack player.


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