What’s your favorite casino bonus?

I’m stuck on this topic today because my friends over at Casino aren’t offering my favorite casino bonus right now — the freeroll slot tournament.  Now, some may not think of a free slot tournament as a bonus. After all we’re used to seeing welcome bonuses and sign up bonuses which then translate to weekly bonuses or ongoing deposit bonuses. And there’s nothing wrong with the popular “Welcome Bonus.” 

Well, actually there are two things wrong with it. The first is that is usually requires me to put money into the casino to take advantage of the bonus.  I’d rather the casino give me free money to play with.  And some casinos have taken up that challenge and offer a free sign up bonus worth a certain amount of money that I can use to play on before I make a deposit.  But the problem there is that it’s still a welcome bonus so it can usually only be used when I first join a site. They don’t give me free money every week and let me go win more money.  I want them to do that.

Which is where the freeroll slot tournament comes in?  Now, a freeroll slot tournament isn’t a guarantee of money to play on, like a welcome bonus is.  But for me an ongoing series of freeroll slot tournaments is the best bonus a casino can offer because it gives me a chance to continually win free money to play on.  Oh, I won’t win every tournament. I may not even win very often. But if I keep going back and playing, there’s always a chance to win.  And that keeps me revisiting a casino more than any other bonus.  So, casinos, give me more freerolls!

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