What Is Online Social Gambling?

Casino gambling is a commercial enterprise that takes place at casinos, clubs or other designated places, where the organizer earns money through a house edge or rake and where public participation is largely allowed. Social gambling is gambling at private places, like homes, between friends and family.

In social gambling usually the following rules apply. All the money collected as wagers must be distributed as prizes and nothing can be kept aside even for funding of drinks or meeting costs.

Today most of the online gambling sites have to go through a degree of licensing and regulation. Over the last few years the social networking arena has shown remarkable growth. Gaming has become an important activity at social networking sites. However, till recently these games did not involve gambling, because of legal restrictions imposed. In order to bypass the laws against gambling activities at such sites, the site owners sell virtual money that allow players to gamble online on games like poker.

All the big social media sites are lobbying to make online social gambling legal.

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