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Welcome Bonus for New Players

The registration bonus is a bonus without a deposit, i.e. You can get it just by creating a game account. A very rare casino bonus and hard to find. The registration bonus is typically free spins and, for example, from online casino you get 20 free spins without a deposit just for creating a game account. The welcome bonus is also for new players and you can get it with your first deposit. The recycling requirement is probably the most important thing to understand about casino bonuses. If you don’t read anything else about the bonus conditions.

The recycling requirement in itself is not a bad thing or in any way a sign of the online casino’s dishonesty. You should think of the recycling requirement as the price of a casino bonus – before you can withdraw the winnings from the bonus, you have to play for a certain amount at the online casino.

The recycling requirement determines that amount. A shocking amount. That’s how it is. But the catch is that during that spin you can either lose the winnings already received or win more. An element of tension, too. Thus, the recycling requirement means that you have to deposit that much and specifically play. In terms of the recycling requirement, it is important to find out whether just recycling the bonus is enough or whether the deposit + bonus must be recycled.

Casino bonuses without wagering

The best casino bonuses are non-rollover for many reasons: the rollover requirement is a nasty feature and it often leaves the player with a bad feeling – especially if the winnings melt away during the rollover and nothing is left. For the online casino itself, a no-rollover bonus is perhaps more expensive, but on the other hand, it is a more effective bonus to activate players.

Not all bonuses can be given as non-recycling, and for example, a deposit bonus always contains a recycling requirement. A typical casino bonus without wagering is a cashback bonus, free spins and cashback. It is also nice to note that several online casinos promise, for example, that all free spins are wager-free. Experienced players excel at non sticky bonuses. In them, you can avoid that recycling requirement if you have time to win before playing with the bonus money.

That is, every time you deposit and bonus money comes up, first you play with the deposit and move on to the bonus money. Usually the entire amount (deposit+bonus) so-called is locked and the wagering requirement is activated as soon as you start playing. In a non sticky bonus, the deposit and the bonus are separate. If you win while playing with a deposit, you can cancel the bonus and repatriate the winnings. The recycling requirement didn’t take effect because you only played with the deposit, not the bonus money.

The gaming license obliges online casinos to separate the cash and bonus cash registers, which means you can easily track which cash register you place bets from.