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We are aware that there are many new casinos to choose from and that it is not always so easy to find the one that suits you best. This is precisely why we have chosen to do the grunt work for you by reviewing and checking all new online casinos on the market so that you get an easier choice of casino. With a large selection of new online casinos, you as a player have good opportunities to find your favorite casino. Many new online casinos certainly resemble each other at first glance, but the fact is that some casino sites are better than others.

The fact that the number of new online casinos is so large also means that you can probably find a new online casino that meets exactly your expectations. We have created this page to guide you to a new online casino that suits your taste. The first thing we check when we list new online casinos on our site is that they have a license. It is something that all casinos must have if they want to target the online casino market. If you play at a casino with a license, it is guaranteed a safer gaming environment than if you play at a casino without a license.

If you choose new casinos on our site, you can always be sure that it is a casino with a license. If you visit a casino outside our site and want to double check if the casino has a license, you can always scroll to the bottom of their page. If the casino has the spelinspektionen’s logo in place, the casino has a granted license.

As we mentioned in the text above, there are just over 80 new casinos with a license. In recent years, however, there has been a limited number of new casinos with a license. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that the competition among the gambling companies is so great and that the license requirement can put a damper on the wheel for some players. It may also be because some casinos do not value obtaining a license as they consider that the value of the new casino players is not high enough compared to other countries.

The majority of all new casinos with a license that have been added in recent years have significantly raised the standard of their competitors, something that is obviously positive for all players. This as new casinos with a license usually present a modern gaming site that is both fast and secure , in addition, high casino bonuses are usually offered to persuade new players to test the product. The effect of the addition of good new licensed casinos is that higher requirements are placed on existing casinos with a license.