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We Compare Live Games

The regular casino games, powered by random generators, and live games have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your playing style is what determines which you like the most, but if you are a little unsure, we have made a small comparison.

Live casino

  • Experience real casino games without leaving your home.
  • You play together with other players and can talk to them and the dealer.
  • A good opportunity for variety for those who are getting bored of the usual casino games.
  • The dealer sets the tempo and the players cannot influence this at all.
  • The range of games is not as great as when we look at regular casino games.

Regular casino games

  • Enormous range of game possibilities, not infrequently we see between 800 – 1,200 games.
  • You play at your own pace and can take a break while the game continues automatically.
  • It is possible to get more bonuses linked to regular casino games.
  • It can be quick to lose the entire deposit.
  • Can feel monotonous and boring, repetitive playing on similar slot machines.

NetEnt is perhaps best known for its slots and then the large progressive jackpots. They are also leaders in live casino games and provide us with very high quality games. They also have live games with dealers.

All their live tables have full HD (1080p) image quality, which can be manually downgraded to 360p if you want to play on mobile and save bandwidth. Sound quality is also good, but the background noise was picked up, making it difficult to hear the dealer at times.

The game tables we tested work just as well on computer as on mobile, and we played in both landscape and portrait mode when choosing live games in the mobile casino.

We tried the roulette table

NetEnt offers several different variants of live roulette tables.

  • An automated variant: The only form of live gaming that does not have a live game presenter at the table. Everything is handled by a random generator but always played in real time.
  • VIP Live: Soundproof rooms where they sit more individually, which gives a more secluded gaming experience and a better sound quality because we avoid background noise from other tables.
  • Standard roulette table: Here the tables are next to each other, which makes a bit of noise. What separates these tables from each other is that they have different dealers and different levels of stakes.