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Gambling without understanding the probabilities of each and every outcome is a sure downside of any casino game and thus, Craps is not an exception here. As obvious from the usage of a pair of dices, this exciting game has as many as 36 outcomes. If you know the rules of craps by heart, you must know that 7 is the most frequent outcome, appearing 6 times out of total 36. Thus, you have 16.67% of total chances to get this number on roll.

Thus, before you start playing the pass line bet, it is expected from you to know each and every probability associated with different outcomes. Not only will it help you to push closer to the game winning strategies, but also facilitates you to keep a watch on the strategies of other players.

For your convenience, here is a table designed to accommodate different outcomes and their associated odds.

And here we go to explain you some of these outcomes to help you in deciding your strategies:

As mentioned already, 7 is the most recurrent outcome and thus, you have the 6 chances out of 36 to get this winning outcome.

The chances of 2 or 12 as the outcomes of your rolling dices are as rare as 1 and thus, the associated odds are 35 to 1.

As we know, 7 or 11 are winning combinations. From the table we can see that these two combinations have respective chances of 6 and 2 to appear as outcomes. Thus, we calculate the winning probability to be 8/36.

Talking about losing combinations, which are 2, 3 or 12, we get losing probability of 4/36. This is confirmed by the recurrence of 2, 3 or 12 as 1/36, 2/36 and 1/36 respectively.

An interesting scenario is that chances of winning are double the chances of loosing and this is the fun of this game.

One should remember that these odds are subjected to modifications with the progress of this game. So learn these probabilities, before you roll the dice to expect a winning combination.

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