Types of Poker Players and Features

Totally different players gather at the same poker table. They are distinguished not only by age, experience and social status, but also by different styles of play. What are the types of poker players the main two styles of players are tight and loose. But they can also play both passive and aggressive games, which also makes a big difference between them. After all, these players play their game in completely different ways. Players with a tight style have the following features. When entering the game, they usually have few starting combinations.

They calculate combinations, relying not on luck, but on mathematics and statistics. If there is no strong combination, then they play a rather passive game, do not take risks and do not bluff. If they meet an aggressive opponent, they can fold medium-strength cards. Loose style players can be recognized by the following features. Enter the casino game with a large number of starting combinations. Having middle cards, they play an aggressive game. Cards are often revealed bluff at different stages of the game. In their game they rely not on mathematics, but on the psychology of the opponent.

Some people think aggressive and tight styles are the exact opposite. But it is not so. The most correct player is a tight-aggressive player. It’s a good style, loose-passive, with a lot of hands, but calling almost everywhere. How to start your poker career if you are just getting started with poker, you need to decide on the style of play that can bring you the most benefits. For a start, it is recommended to master a tight playing style. It is as simple as possible to understand and it will be easier for a beginner to learn how to count cards and their combinations in a short period of time.

Tight players learn to play by the rules and only then do they master bluffing, aggressive style and, in general, changing styles to match different players. A loose-passive player , when compared to a tight-aggressive player , has more advantages, but he also has higher risks. Therefore, our advice to you – first learn to play tight, and only then you can try and aggressive-loose style of play. When it comes to professional poker, the most successful players, of course, are tight-aggressive. They play actively, assertively, receiving good dividends for this. There are exceptions, for example, who has proven himself to be a loose style.

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