Top Tips for Online Blackjack

Learn the best online blackjack strategies to greatly increase your chances of winning. The game of blackjack is the best option for those who want to combine knowledge with luck and at the same time it is the board game in which you have the best chances to win the house. Whether you choose to play blackjack online, blackjack online with live dealers or in a street casino, with an optimal strategy you can reduce the house advantage by up to 1%. In this article you will find information about strong hands and disadvantageous hands at the blackjack table and you will learn how to proceed to get the most out of them.

If you are a beginner, before continuing read this complete guide for blackjack players , where you will find everything you need to start playing, from the basic rules to the optimal strategy for this game. To be successful when playing blackjack online you need to consider all the variables on the game table, try to get the most out of really good hands and reduce losses as much as possible when you are at a disadvantage. Play blackjack now with live dealers at the online casino how to play the most difficult hands in blackjack correctly.

The most disadvantageous situation you can find yourself in, regardless of the total number of cards you own, is when the dealer shows an a and therefore has a 30% chance of making a blackjack. Many players are tempted to choose insurance in this case, but this option is never the right one. Opting for long-term insurance is a mathematically wrong decision and you will be much better off if you ignore this option. In these situations, if the total of your cards is between 4 and 16, you will always ask for more cards until you reach a total of more than 17.

Even the situations in which the dealer shows a 10 (10, j, q, k) are not easy to manage, given that he still has the chance to make a blackjack or a hand very close to 21, so you are forced to take additional risks. In these cases, ask for books until you exceed 17 hard. The only starting hands where you can feel comfortable even though the dealer shows a card with a value of 10 are those in which you have a hand with a total of 11 or a pair of aces, in which case you can use the split option to increase your chances.

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