Tips on Winning on Slot Machines

Playing slot machine games in online casino can be an enjoyable and yet dangerous diversion. Enjoyable because you get the chance to win lots of money and if Lady Luck takes a quick fancy at you, she might just present you with the jackpot prize. Dangerous because slot machines operate at random and are independent of other previous actions.

If your trembling hands fail to pull the bar down or push that stop button at the very exact moment when the jackpot would come out, you could end up being frustrated and will try and try again, not realizing you just used up your last coin, as well as your last money. In order to help you avoid filing for bankruptcy or going to social welfare to ask for financial help, largely due to the fact that you spent your entire lifetime savings on those monstrous slot machines, we will try to offer you some tips about them. Hopefully, these will increase your chances of outsmarting these wonderful yet mesmerizing contraptions that seem to cast magical spells on those desperate enough to try them.

First tip: only play those slot machines that give the best payouts. This means searching for them, taking a look at their payouts which should be between 95-99 percent. These are machines that require only $1 entry access or even lower.

Second tip: never play progressive slots. These slots usually produce higher number of reels and symbols as you’re playing progresses because the random number generators in these machines are simply programmed to do so, decreasing your chances of winning in the game. Non-progressive or flat slots often do not carry such programs.

Third tip: Ask an employee which game is due to pay lol. This may be a bit unpleasant to your ears yes, but basically, what you will ask the employee is to tell you which slots are the best. Hey they may just give you a great tip!

Fourth tip: Try to play the maximum number of coins. There are usually three columns in a slot machine’s payout table, namely, the one-coin play, the two-coin play, and the three-coin play or the maximum. Playing the three-coin play will obviously increase your chances of winning.

Fifth tip: use your slot cards when you play. While this will entail time, which some people don’t want to waste, believe me, using a slot card will be more advantageous for it allows you to avail of the company’s special offerings like free meals, discounted rooms, etc. Slot cards also help the casinos to track players’ progress like how many points he has accumulated to entitle him to the casino’s offerings or “comps”. These cards also help casinos trace down a player who may be actually cheating in the game or otherwise losing heavily without the player noticing it.

One last tip: always try to be aware of how much money you can afford to spend. This is a personal one, because unless you have enough self-control, you might unwittingly find yourself caught in an endless cycle of inserting a coin into the slot and pressing the lever, not realizing that you are now feeding the machine instead of the other way around.

Those are all good tips for playing slots in land based Casinos. If you’re  know you have your slots playing skills in check and you are looking for a bit of added excitement in your slots playing session then you should try the free slot Tournaments on our site.

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