Tips on Slots

The best tip that anyone can offer you regarding slots and slot machines is to play for fun.  After all, the odds of winning a lot of money will always be against you and in the favor of the House.  However, the online casino  play itself is quite fun and addicting.  So just look at it as primarily a form of recreation, and then you can’t go wrong. Still, there are several tips that will help you walk away with a bit more in your pocket than you otherwise might have. For instance, make sure that you never play with money unless you can afford to lose it.  There’s a fairly good chance you’ll lose more than you win, after all, so never play expecting that you must win. Also, ignore the advice to play hot or cold machines.  In reality, there’s no such thing.  Anybody who says they can point out those machines to you is either lying, deluded or just plain silly. 

Slots are a game of chance, and they will hit whatever they hit, period. Smart players join the slots club.  That’s because these clubs usually offer benefits such as rebates and competitions for special prizes. Sometimes, free drinks are offered to the slot machine player.  If so, by all means, take advantage of it and order whatever you like. When it’s time to make your bet, it’s smart to bet the maximum coins.  There’s not a lot of difference as far as what you’re investing, but the only way you can score the big jackpot is if you’ve played the maximum coins. Related to the above, always play the highest denomination of machine that’s within your budget.  Conversely, never play one that’s higher than what your budget allows. 

The higher denomination slot machine has a bigger and better payout.  That’s no reason, though, to play above your planned bankroll. Make sure you understand the machine you’re going to play.  Some machines offer different payouts than others, based on how many coins you bet.  You can only bet wisely if you understand the current machine and the current payouts. Keep in mind that some slot machines offer you proportioned payouts.  For instance, for every winning combo, the machine might pay back two times as much if the player bets 3 coins and three times as much if he bets 3 coins. 

With these slot machines, you can play 1, 2 or 3 coins or any combination, since with proportioned payouts; the number of coins you play is irrelevant. There are other machines, though, that offer you a bigger payout, depending on how many coins you play.  In particular, progressive slots won’t allow you to win the big progressive jackpot unless you’ve made the maximum coin bet. Finally, always think about how much it will cost you to play for the hour.  Figuring out your anticipated loss per hour is easy.  Just multiply your number of bets per hour by the bet amount and multiply this by the listed house advantage.

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