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Steps to Play Live Poker

As we have previously indicated, winning and winning in a live poker game requires a lot of skill, thinking and resourcefulness while following a proven game plan or strategy. Which provides simplified explanations of the way to play poker, and the steps for the online game process are as follows:

A number of players, ranging from 7 to 9 in number, sit around the round table next to the dealer. A deck of cards consisting of 52 cards is placed on the table. The bets are collected from the poker player on the left of the dealer, who is called the minimum bet. In return, the player sitting on the right places By placing the highest bet. And each player must abide by his turn and not skip the turn of the other player, as well as the instructions of the game manager.

In the beginning, the table manager deals three cards face up to all players, starting with the player with the lowest bet and ending with himself. The poker game takes place in three consecutive stages that revolve as follows:

The Flop stage : in which each player, including the dealer, is dealt three face-up cards.

The Turn stage : in which the accurate real accounts stage begins, after the dealer distributes a fourth, upturned card to each player, who is also.

River stage : in which a fifth card is dealt face down to all players, including the dealer.

The end of the round is the disclosure phase : in which the table manager reveals the hand he has, followed by all the players by revealing their own hand, and the winning player who made the best hand and receives the profits is announced casino.

Hand types in live poker games

Live poker holds 10 types of hand, which are:

  • Royal Flash Hand: The owner of this hand is the undisputed winner, and he is the one who forms a hand consisting of a young man, a girl, a boy, and the 10 card.
  • Regular flush hand: It must be made of 5 consecutive cards in sequence, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • A hand of four of a kind: It consists of four cards of the same type and the fifth is different, such as 4 Jack + 5.
  • The full house hand: It consists of 3 cards of suits and 2 cards of suits such as 7+7+7+5+5.
  • The flush hand is uniform in color and number: it must consist of 5 cards of the same sequence in numbers.
  • The regular hand: the cards in it must have a consecutive sequence, such as 7, 8, 9, 10, and a boy.
  • Three hands of one kind.
  • Similar couple’s hands
  • The Hand of the High Card: In it, no card is the same as any other card from the hand.
  • Similar pair hands.

Poker games in the live dealer casino were able to pull the rug out from under the feet of traditional gambling clubs because of the fun, challenge and many profits they contain. They are also available with all the playing components in the same real version in terms of the dealer, the real players, seeing the real cards and the course of the game, if you have the experience and you have The ability to cunning, cunning, and planning to deceive rival players, including the dealer, guarantees profit in live poker, so do not hesitate to try it immediately!


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